Much Ado About “30” (Nothing)

It’s about 31 days before my 31st B-day.  ::wink:: 2/17 ::cough:: So for my very first post I found it fitting to look back at my 30th year.

Frankly darlings, I was a bit of a Nervous Nancy knowing I was about to turn the “Big 3-0”, so I made a list of things I wanted to do before “30”. Go to Paris (on my own, like a boss), check. Lose 50lbs, check (OK, so I lost 48lbs but I’d like to think I was retaining water or something).

But looking back, what was I so worried about? Little did I know  at “29”, that the best things in life are unplanned and unexpected. During “30” I accomplished & experienced things I didn’t even know I wanted or knew that existed.

Goes to show, “life happens when you least expect it” Thank you “30” for showing me an exciting sneak peak of what’s to come.

love always, lulu

February, March, April & May

• February: Welcoming my 30s with a 3-day celebration
• March: I’ve always wanted to go Kayaking, so I did, against my mother’s wishes. Sorry Mom, I’m 30!
• April: Backstage all access at Stage Coach 2012.
• May: Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Never in my life would I have thought myself to go zip lining let alone forwards, backwards and into a cave!

May, June, July & Aug

• June: New job, movin’ on up.
• July: Mr. Stud & I make it official.
• August: Change is good but exhausting, time for some R&R in Palm Springs.
• September: The short film I Co-Produced begins to make the rounds in Film Festivals.

October, November, December & January

• October: Addicted to Pinterest, I start working on those “DYI” projects.
• November: 1st NFL game, beyond excited.
• December: Holidays with Mr. Stud.
• January: Preston’s 5th Birthday, need I say more?