“I’m madly in love with the idea of it all” was something I made up to say to myself on those “off days”. Let’s be honest, we all have those days  they might range from a “bad hair day” to getting rear-ended (by a car) on a bright sunny day.  The power my friends, lies within your choice on how to deal with what’s being thrown at you.

It’s time to live in the moment, appreciate the “meeh” things because in the end, things happen for a reason. If you are open to it, you tend to learn the most from those lessons.  Those are the ones you won’t and shouldn’t forget. You’ll become at pro at not being a repeat offender in certain life departments. Somehow, you’ll always get a little better at it, things will always get a little brighter. Those lessons are more valuable than gold, but not as valuable as diamonds because let’s be real, I rather have a diamond than a stinking lesson and could you blame a girl? No, didn’t think so.

But (yea I’ll start my sentence like that if I feel like it) my blog is really about the fun life journey that has brought me to my 30s and adventures that are to come. Good friends, food, books, movies, music, trips, career, my goal to one day gain Martha Stewart’s approval with my DIY projects, (I hear shes a tough cookie) and those day to day things that just make me smile, like my dog/son Preston.

I couldn’t help but wonder…“, what am I about? The answer changes constantly, since I learn something new about myself everyday. I guess we’re all about to find out, stay tuned.

love always, lulu


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